About Us

As stated, STOP Mosquitos Misting Systems is the name of my company. I am a born and raised in Ohio. And yes, I experienced the same mosquito and insect problems as my neighbors. But I had one advantage searching for a solution. I started in the field as an insect repellent installer. As such, I observed first hand what worked and what didn’t work - knowledge that was to prove invaluable in discovering the methodology that was to be the basis for my own company.

We have now been in business for over four years and look forward to many more years serving our friends and neighbors. I have gathered the best professionals around to assist me and I have made it clear to each and every one of them, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS A MUST. I urge you to call us at (513)780-9505 (ask for ME, Dominic Seta, I’m never to busy to talk to a neighbor and fill in the gaps.)

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