Here's what some of our customers say about us. "You surprised me with how good your system works. I actually got bitten by something last year and it got infected. Scared the hell out of me. Everything peaceful out there now." — A.S. Miami Beach "Have to tell you how pleased I was with the way your people set your sprays up. Everything works when it is supposed to and I do practically nothing. World of difference now. I recommended you to Gilbert next door." — R.S. Weston "One of your installers found a wallet I had lost a few days ago and returned it with the money and credit cards intact. Great guys. He refused a tip. Very professional." — B.B. Ft. Lauderdale "Results after three weeks have my neighbor asking for your phone number. Told her what you charged (I hope that's OK). She wonders if she will get a similar deal." — G.R. Miam
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