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True! My name is Dominic Seta and I’m a Ohio resident just like you. I too suffered continuously from annoying mosquito and insect problems. The good news is I came across the marvelous methodology 5 years ago that I am now proud to offer you (and other visitors to this site.)

My friend, no other mosquito solution I know of gets the job done faster and with such startling results. I say this readily and with no reservations. The change in your outside environment will leave you absolutely thrilled – possibly even amazed.

Actually, I was so continuously impressed with what my discovery could accomplish both for myself and for my relatives, I formed a business around the process. Not only that, I decided to offer its results with the-nonsense, no-strings, iron-clad GUARANTEE above. Why was this so important.

Because this commitment to stand firmly behind what we offer has elevated our company, STOP MOSQUITOS Misting Systems to THE service Ohio property clubs...and tennis clubs trust the most. Why? Because our customers have learned that we are not satisfied UNLESS THEY ARE SATISFIED. That’s a far cry from the attitude of too many other insect repellant companies who will promise anything to get the job - then do it improperly – and when property owners complain, find a way to “weasel” out of their obligations.But there are other reasons why we are chosen above others.

It’s the SAFETY OF THE PRODUCTS WE USE. What our system will automatically apply to your property is Pyrethum -- an insecticide derived from the flowers of Chrysanthemum Cineraria Folium. It has no known harmful effects on humans or pets. But for mosquitos and other backyard pests such as spiders, bees, ants, ticks, no see ums, flies and gnats it becomes their worst enemy. The result? You can relax, barbecue, swim and enjoy your outside domain unimpeded by the pests who formally made your yard a no-man’s land. The same goes for your kids and the pets they love to play with.

Look, I’m willing to put in all the work and equipment necessary to achieve the goals you seek TOTALLY AT OUR RISK. If the results we generate fail to meet your expectations, your money is refunded in full and the loss is ours. But we don’t want you to commit to anything before you talk to one of our experts. He or she will answer all your insect-related questions FREE. And if you like what you hear, we’ll personally perform a no-obligation analysis of your property. You can call us or use the form that follows and we’ll contact you. By the way, there’s one thing more. Our low estimate to rid your property of mosquitos and other pests must be less than any other written estimate you have received or we will LOWER IT FURTHER.

Hoping to hear from you soon,
Dominic Seta
Ohio Neighbor and President of STOP Mosquitos Misting Systems

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